A historical black and white portrait of the founder of Moorcroft Foods and Fenner’s, a man in a formal suit and tie. Accompanying text celebrates the return of these well-established South African brands to the UK market, noting the pride in bringing their heritage and expertise to British consumers

Our story of Family Pride


As British Settlers in the town of Cradock, South Africa they cultivated their knowledge and experience from simple beginnings to supplying major retailers in South Africa. Through pure passion and understanding of their customers, they have created several thriving meat products and biltong brands. Moorcroft Foods is now back home in Northern Ireland. We are doing what we do best, providing quality meat products and snacks to our customers. When it comes to your next barbecue or “Braai” with family and friends let Moorcroft Foods bring you their unique wholesome flavour to your home.

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A pair of hands, adorned with dark polished nails, is captured delicately selecting pieces of Cooper's Beef Biltong from a package, adding to a bowlful of the savoury snack on a wooden kitchen worktop. Surrounding the scene are additional packets of Cooper's Biltong, a classic kettle, and culinary essentials such as coriander seeds and garlic, all contributing to a homely British kitchen setting.

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a traditional air-dried South African snack made and approved in the UK.
We use the finest quality beef from farmers using natural and traditional farming methods and all our meat has received the AAA UK Stamp of approval.

The strips of meat are prepared and marinated with our unique blend of seasoning,

The meat strips are hung to dry in custom-designed drying rooms using state-of-the-art, energy-efficient drying equipment. That's when the the magic begins to happen.
A week later, the biltong product is ready for our customers. It is then sliced, securely packaged and ready to be enjoyed by the whole family!

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A close-up of a hand holding a piece of drywors against a sunny outdoor backdrop, with a bowl full of these traditional South African dried sausages in the foreground. The setting suggests a relaxed, al fresco dining experience, possibly a barbecue or picnic, with the focus on the rustic, flavourful snack.

What is Drywors?

Drywors, also known as “Droë Wors” meaning ‘dried sausage’, is a cherished snack food hailing from Southern Africa, now proudly made and approved right here in the UK.

We’re committed to the preservation of traditional recipes and methods. Our Drywors is meticulously prepared based on the iconic boerewors, a farm-style sausage revered for its distinct coriander-seed spice. This beloved flavour profile forms the backbone of our Drywors, lending it a taste that is both unique and satisfying.

The sausages are then air-dried in custom-designed drying rooms. This careful process allows for the intensification of flavours and the development of a texture that is crispy yet tender. The result is a delicious, protein-rich snack that is as tasty as it is nutritious.

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