We're not just any biltong makers – we're award-winners! Specialising in White Label and Wholesale Excellence

Our job is to create fantastic biltong that carries your brand's name. We handle everything – from choosing the best meat to packaging it up just the way you like it.

A display of Cooper's High Protein Biltong packets arranged in a wooden stand at a market, with Fenner's Air Dried Steak packets interspersed. The packets are colour-coded—blue for Original and pink for Chilli—prominently placed against a backdrop of fresh produce. The stand invites passersby to try these quality meat snacks, showcasing a variety of flavours.

Top-Quality Meat, Top-Quality Biltong

We're really selective about our meat because we believe in quality. We source our meat from farms known for their ethical practices. So, when you get biltong from us, it's not only delicious but also responsibly made.

A striking image of Cooper's Beef Biltong package on a wooden surface, highlighting the brand's commitment to quality with the 'Great Taste 2023' award emblem and 'Family Pride' seal.

Award-Winning Flavours

Here's the exciting part – two of our biltong flavours have won awards! We're proud of this because it shows we know our stuff. When we make biltong for your brand, you're getting award-winning quality.

Four standing pouches with a metallic finish in shades of teal, silver, copper, and black, each mock-up featuring a placeholder text for 'YOUR LOGO'. The sleek design of the packaging suggests a customizable option for brands looking to personalize their products. The minimalistic background provides a neutral setting that accentuates the modern and professional look of the pouches.

Your Brand's Look, Our Expert Packing

We understand how important your brand is. That's why we put your label and design on the packaging. You get our amazing biltong, all dressed up and ready to hit the shelves under your name.

  • Strict on Quality and Safety

    We take quality seriously. Every batch goes through strict regulation to make sure it's not just tasty, but also safe and consistent. That's our guarantee to you. SALSA and HACCP Approved.

  • No Order Too Big or Small

    Whether you're starting fresh or already a big name, we've got your back. We handle all sizes of orders and work with you to meet your needs.

  • Let's Chat

    If you're looking for an award-winning biltong with your brand on it, let's chat! We're here to help you make your biltong brand a crowd favourite.

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